About Us

Greetings from M.M EDU PORT!

M.M EDU PORT ( A Subsidiary of M.R & Associates ) is an e-learning port, that is available on the web and mobile formats which provides an online platform for candidates across all the rural as well as the urban area. A Common Portal for over 60 State/Central government competitive exams in English and Hindi to bridge the gap between rural and urban candidates for preparation of competitive exams. A most organized and cost-effective online portal which provides Tutorials, Practice questions, Full and Subject Mock tests with detailed analysis and feedback to achieve their goals without paying hefty coaching institutes fees.

M.M EDU PORT only works within the education sector, so we understand the impact our service has on a newcomer jobseeker seeking a government-related job opportunity. We, therefore, aim to provide excellent service with a commitment to building long-lasting customer and client relationships providing the best online learning experience. In a knowledge-intensive sector like ours, M.M EDU PORT fills a unique role. We not only run knowledge port, but we also offer services to help students and schools to better manage, synthesize, and share what they are learning.

M.M EDU PORT provides precise Information about the eligibility of the posts, patterns of the exams and syllabus of the leading exams. It also provides the latest trends of the exams, eg Paper, Subject, Module wise break-up of the leading exams.

M.M EDU PORT is a port to transform the education process in India and bring Smart Education and Online e-Learning system to every student's reach.

                                                                                       “Making you online and interconnected”.

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